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2016 Pilot fuel injector issue

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Hello everyone,
I was having an issue with my check engine light. After a few days it would turn off & go back to normal. I would call the dealer & they would tell me to bring it in but by the time I would the light would turn off. They instructed me the next time the light came on to drive it to the dealer & not to turn the vehicle off so I did. They found the issue, they had to replace all of the fuel injectors WOW! The vehicle has 40,000 miles mostly highway driving. I asked the service writer if that was normal & he informed me he has seen this on several pilots. Thank God for the Honda extended warranty I purchased or It would have cost over $1200 to fix. Has anyone else had this issue?
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Like many others on this forum, I'm a long time Honda owner. My 2016 Pilot EX-L is my 6th Honda vehicle. I just had to have my second set of fuel injectors installed at my dealer.. My mileage is 109000. The first set had to be replaced at 60000 miles. No warranty coverage for the first ones so the cost was about $1500. This week's visit only set me back $500 for labor as they comped me the parts as a goodwill gesture since my Pilot is always serviced at this dealer. Reading the posts, I now know why the service manager offered to supply the parts and only charge me for labor. Obviously, this is a defect in the car as I've never heard of anyone needing to replace fuel injectors. Oh....and for those who haven't hit the 100K mark plugs for the Pilot are $60 a piece. I replaced those, along with the timing belt, water pump etc. at 105K about two months ago. Nice car, rides well but maintenance is quite a bit more than I anticipated.
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