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2016 Pilot fuel injector issue

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Hello everyone,
I was having an issue with my check engine light. After a few days it would turn off & go back to normal. I would call the dealer & they would tell me to bring it in but by the time I would the light would turn off. They instructed me the next time the light came on to drive it to the dealer & not to turn the vehicle off so I did. They found the issue, they had to replace all of the fuel injectors WOW! The vehicle has 40,000 miles mostly highway driving. I asked the service writer if that was normal & he informed me he has seen this on several pilots. Thank God for the Honda extended warranty I purchased or It would have cost over $1200 to fix. Has anyone else had this issue?
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Same story. 2016 Pilot, failed the first time at 34K, after a week of no communications from the dealer (i think because sufficient parts were not available) they were replaced under warranty. From that time on, the car surged at cruise plus a little throttle, eventually surging almost any time throttle was being applied. No failure/warning lights came on despite the physical performance problems. I took it back to them and described my issue which they said they were unable to replicate. About 70K more miles and they failed again, this time they say it's on me. To my limited knowledge, fuel injectors normally last the life of the car, or may require cleaning, not regular replacement at $1700 every 30-60K. My local service dept. mentioned the 8/80 warranty as if it might apply. I reasoned with them that since the component failed prior to having 80K on them, they should honor and replace them again. (I have 110K actual, injectors new at 34K, so 76K on the injectors) The local asked the regional for "good will" assistance, I'm on my 7th Honda, and it was denied. I contacted Honda America customer service for a review, they said they go by what the regional service rep (Oliver) says. Honda America also fiend no awareness of a fuel injector issue with the Pilot high pressure, direct injection design; it was all news to them. Mean while, every independent mechanic I've every talked to says, "oh yeah, I've heard about issues with that design". I used two 16oz cans of SeaFoam, drove around a bit, diagnostic light extinguished, traded it an hour later. Problem solved.
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