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2016 Pilot fuel injector issue

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Hello everyone,
I was having an issue with my check engine light. After a few days it would turn off & go back to normal. I would call the dealer & they would tell me to bring it in but by the time I would the light would turn off. They instructed me the next time the light came on to drive it to the dealer & not to turn the vehicle off so I did. They found the issue, they had to replace all of the fuel injectors WOW! The vehicle has 40,000 miles mostly highway driving. I asked the service writer if that was normal & he informed me he has seen this on several pilots. Thank God for the Honda extended warranty I purchased or It would have cost over $1200 to fix. Has anyone else had this issue?
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I'm sure I don't even have to say why I'm writing this right now. Yes, the dreaded Emissions Indicator light on our 2017 Honda Pilot on Tuesday evening, 11/19/19. We had been noticing a hesitation when we stepped on gas when we first started the car for a few months and when we had it in for our last oil change to the dealer they couldn't find anything wrong. (I would think the service departments at Honda dealerships are well aware of this issue and that's the first place they should have looked even though there is no error warning.)
They said that it was the Fuel Injection system and will have to replace all 6 injections for a cost of $1,700. (Jaw dropping). We had already authorized the service before I found this site and called the Honda Corporate Office to open a complaint. Our vehicle is now sitting at the dealership with the work complete and we have been told that it will take about a week to make their decision.
The person I spoke to on the phone made it sound like it's my problem because I didn't buy the extended warranty when we purchased our vehicle used at a different dealership other than Honda. (Our vehicle has 48,000 miles on it.) The vehicle was purchased with low miles and still was under the 36,000 mile/3-year warranty in addition to the 5-year Power Train warranty at time of purchase. Who would think that a "quality" vehicle like the Honda Pilot would have a problem like this, right?
I'll keep you posted on what the outcome is but, since I'm not technically what they call "LOYALTY" customer, my expectations are low that they will even cover any of this. I'm not planning to become a "LOYALTY" customer after this all shakes out. Shame on you Honda for chastising the customer for a failed system. I will be reporting this up the channel complaint system so that maybe a recall will be issued to help others.
I appreciate all the work/complaints already filed as this may help our case. I don't know right now.
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Good News...please read FUEL INJECTOR ISSUE. We had been dealing with the Honda manufactor in November with no compensation for repair. They said no coverage. I found out through my dealership that on Dec 20th, Honda has extended the warranty for the fuel injector issue up to 8 years or 80,000 miles. I have a 2017 Pilot with 47,000 miles which was repaired last November. Since it was repaired and paid for we had to go back to the Honda manufactor who had already denied our claim. I brought my service repair sheet to the dealership and by looking at the parts number in their December bulletin, it was covered. The Honda manufacturer customer service was not very cooperative however, they did end up giving me a full refund of $1800. I would suggest you follow up with your service department and ask to check the Dec 20th settlement and see if your parts are covered. Since this is a warranty issue, the Honda manufacturer can no longer say that you are not a loyal Honda customer which was what we were also told as to the reason why they wouldn't initially cover the repair.
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TSB 19-072 which was last revised on December 20, 2019 still indicates that "the normal warranty applies". There is no reference to a warranty extension in this bulletin. See attached.

Also, please stop quoting and replaying to individual posts - you're creating thread bloat.
Sorry I can not tell you what bulletin this came from but was established 12/20/2019. the service manager and the distrcit manager at the Honda dealership showed me the coverage on their computer 8/80000 for my injector parts and we contacted the manufactor and I got full refund. that was my experience.and shared for others. I will not respond again
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