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2016 Pilot fuel injector issue

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Hello everyone,
I was having an issue with my check engine light. After a few days it would turn off & go back to normal. I would call the dealer & they would tell me to bring it in but by the time I would the light would turn off. They instructed me the next time the light came on to drive it to the dealer & not to turn the vehicle off so I did. They found the issue, they had to replace all of the fuel injectors WOW! The vehicle has 40,000 miles mostly highway driving. I asked the service writer if that was normal & he informed me he has seen this on several pilots. Thank God for the Honda extended warranty I purchased or It would have cost over $1200 to fix. Has anyone else had this issue?
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So what part of the 60k powertrain warranty doesn't cover defective fuel injectors?
As Honda's warranty booklet states, the powertrain warranty covers the engine's "cylinder block and head and all internal parts, timing gears and gaskets, timing chain/belt and cover, flywheel, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, engine mounts, engine/powertrain control module, water pump, fuel pump, seals and gaskets." There's no mention of fuel injectors in the powertrain warranty.

The fuel injectors are external parts and covered under the new vehicle limited warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles except in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Washington where they are covered for 7 years or 70,000 miles. The fuel injectors are also covered by the Honda Care extended warranty and by some third-party warranties.
Check your warranty booklets - fuel injectors are covered for 7/70 in several states under an emissions warranty.
2016 Pilot with 24K miles had emissions systems light come on. Fuel injectors to be replaced two months out of the 3 year warranty and $1600 later. Not sure this is a good look for the Honda company right now.
Check your warranty booklets - fuel injectors are covered for 7/70 in several states under an emissions warranty.
I'm assuming your vehicle isn't registered in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Washington since the fuel injectors are covered for 7 years or 70,000 miles in those states.
I am having the same problems with my 2016 Honda Pilot. Started having problems last year with the System emissions light coming on. I had 50K miles on my car. Took it to the dealership and of course no longer under warranty, they charged me $100 to "diagnose" it with bad fuel injectors. They said cost would be $1,600 to fix it. FOR A 2 year old car???!! I declined. I then called a mechanic that was recommended to me on FB. Come to find out he was an honest mechanic and worked at a Honda dealership and he stated my car was too new to need new fuel injectors. He did see the bulletin on the pilots and he told me to fight the dealership to have it covered under the warranty. He also recommended that I use the Sea foam fuel injector cleaner. I used the cleaner and it did fix the problem temporarily but a month later, the same light came on. I called to complain to Honda directly. I also mentioned the bulletin that had been posted and that my car was within the range that was listed on there. They took a week to research and contacted me back to tell me sorry there was nothing they could do. They didn't even offer me a voucher. When I mentioned that there were thousands of other Honda Pilot owners with the same issue, they didn't care. They said people always go on online to complain all the time. I have kept driving with the issue and my car has gotten worse. All the lights come on now and my car shakes and sputters, especially when its cold outside. People look at me and honk because I have to drive like an "old lady" as my kids like to say. I finally took it to a friend mechanic and he replaced the fuel injectors for me, but the emissions light is still on. I'm so sick and tired of dealing with this car. I bought a Honda for a reason so it would last a long time with no problems. WRONG. Worst car I have ever owned. Complete nightmare. I will never recommend a Honda to anyone ever. I wish someone would start a Class action suit against them cuz they suck! Never again Honda, never again.
I can understand your frustration, but...

1. By continuing to drive your vehicle with an emissions system warning message (and especially a flashing MIL), you can cause further damage beyond the original problem such as a melted catalytic converter.

2. After your friend changed the injectors, did he clear the codes? Are the codes that returned the same or different? (Trying to figure out if the injectors were actually the problem or if you have multiple problems.)

3. If you think Honda has problems - you should see some of the other brands. :(
I'm considering switching to premium to keep this from happening again in 40-60k miles.
The octane rating of the gasoline will have no effect on this issue.

It's better to use a TOP TIER brand of regular gasoline than a higher-octane premium gasoline that is not TOP TIER.

However, depending on how and why these injectors are failing, it may not make a difference no matter what gasoline you use.
I'm having the same issue with my 2016 Pilot. Only 43k miles but the dealership is telling me the fuel injectors are not covered under the factory warranty.
That may be correct. The fuel injectors are only covered under the 3/36 new vehicle limited warranty except in certain states where they are covered under a 7/70 emissions warranty. See my earlier posts. They are also covered by the optional Honda Care extended warranty, but at 43K it's too late to buy that.
This same basic engine is used in the Acura MDX models, and in researching this earlier, I didn't come across any online complaints from those owners.
The 3.5L in the MDX uses different injectors than the Pilot/Ridgeline/Odyssey/Passport.


Honda revised TSB 18-025 on May 29, 2019 and now says that the probable cause is "debris from the high pressure pump or the fuel injector machining process can cause internal wear or clogging inside the injector."

If that's accurate, if it's going to happen it's going to happen no matter what type of fuel or additive you use.


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I have a 2016 Pilot with 42,000 miles - Emissions system light went off last week. Brought it into the Honda dealership and they want to charge $1900+ to replace the fuel injectors.

Honda customer service says they won’t help because we “have no loyalty with Honda” because we don’t get it serviced through them. I’d love for them to logically explain to me how loyalty is a factor when it comes to a faulty part that they installed on the vehicle and is a known issue.

If they think I didn’t have loyalty before, I sure don’t have it now and refuse to purchase another Honda in the future.

I’d love to start calling Honda out on Twitter about this fuel injector issue if there were enough other people on board.
I'm sure this is frustrating, but realistically, your best option is to have the injectors replaced and keep driving it.

I can almost guarantee that the actual number of vehicles affected by this issue is low enough that it is a lot cheaper for Honda to lose a few hundred customers than to absorb the parts and labor cost to replace the injectors. I don't see this becoming a voluntary recall since the only symptom seems to be an emissions system warning which doesn't present a significant safety issue.
My Pilot is at 47,000 miles and I have the same issue - six fuel injectors need replacement, got quoted about $6,000.
That's three times higher than it should be and what others have been paying.
General question to all - on the quotes you posted, were they replacing all the injectors?
The Pilot's injectors are sold and replaced only as a flow-matched set of six. Honda does not sell the injectors individually.
Interesting... 2/3 of my quote was for parts. Maybe mine are going to be made out of gold! ;)
The full retail prices for the parts are:

Injectors $542.18
Fuel rail $306.30
Front gasket $17.52
Rear gasket $17.52
Intake gasket $7.25 X 6
Throttle body gasket $7.75
EGR seal $13.98 X 2
EGR gasket $10.60
TOTAL PARTS = $973.33

2.5 hours labor at ~$150/hr


Add tax if it applies in your area. Shops also typically charge for "supplies" (chemicals, rags, etc.) and a fee for diagnosing the problem, but anything above $1,350 + tax is too much for this job.
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You are a saint - thank you!
Haha! FAR from it, but I do know how to use Google. :)
UPDATE: They made a mistake and put me down for 6 sets of fuel injectors --> the new repair total is consistent with others who are posting here. zroger73, I owe you a beer.

And American Honda is going to pick up a portion of the bill (I'm out of warranty). So if you have this problem, call them!! Worst they can say is 'no'...
I just LOVE happy endings!
I am extremely disappointed in my 2016 Pilot. Just hit 66,000 miles and sure enough the dreaded emission error. The dealer wants $1,500 to replace all injectors and fuel joint pipe. My neighbor down the street has the exact same Pilot with the exact same issue. Coincidence I think not. I had an Odyssey that was very reliable for 12 years however, this Pilot will be my last Honda and won't be shy about telling everyone I know how disappointed I am.
While I can certainly understand the disappointment, I have two comments:

1. You think Honda is bad? I assure you that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

2. Owners on the Pilot and Ridgeline forums have been reporting that Honda has been covering some or all of the cost for new injectors on a case-by-case basis that is influenced by factors such as time, mileage, service history, and how many Honda's you've previously owned.
I had the same issue for 2016 Pilot(52,000 miles) in Aug, 2019. Paid $1250 and I immediately bought Extended Warranty from Honda Dealership for $1528(4 years/48 months). I always had issues with 3 of my 4 Honda cars. I somehow feel Hondas are overrated compared to other brand cars. I had 2005 Honda Odyssey and I spent atleast $10,000 in repairs even before I drove 100,000 miles. Luckily, I had extended warranty that paid almost $7000 out of it. On the whole, my experience says that Honda cars are not as great as many people believe them.They have stylish cars but not as reliable as Toyotas are.
You're right. Honda has fallen to merely "average" over the past couple of decades while Acura is swimming at the bottom of the reliability ratings pit with Volkswagen and Alfa Romeo. The most reliable brands are now Toyota/Lexus and Mazda.

Fortunately, Honda is beginning to realize where they went wrong and plans to do something about it. That doesn't help right now, but over the next several years we will hopefully see Honda climbing back to the top.

Reliability isn't a top priority for me because I normally don't keep a vehicle past the factory warranty period, although I do prefer avoiding the inconvenience of warranty repairs. Because I trade often, resale value is important. If quality doesn't improve, resale value will sink, too, which will force me to look at other brands.
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Fuel injectors are covered under the 3/36 new vehicle limited warranty all states and for 7/70 in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. They are also covered for up to 8/120 if you have a Honda Care vehicle service contract.

They are not covered under the 5/60 powertrain warranty.

I have not seen any TSB's, emails, or other communications from Honda to dealers regarding a warranty extension on the injectors, but I have seen Honda cover all or part of the cost of injector replacement on out-of-warranty vehicles on a case-by-case basis depending on multiple factors including how many Hondas they've owned and how often they use Honda dealers for service.

The latest TSB related to fuel injectors is dated May 29, 2019 and indicates that the normal warranty applies.
No point in saying my story. Basically the same as everyone else. Only additional details I have is:

-Basic warranty is covering it but I don't know which one. Our mileage is 47,500.
-Our Honda service dept. also recommends doing a throttle body cleaning. Maybe I'm a sucker but it sounded logical. They explained the carbon deposits causing the fuel injectors to fail are also causing excess carbon elsewhere. Can anyone comment on this. My cost for this is $378.
That's a dealer-recommended service to extract more money from you - not a Honda-recommended service. The fuel injectors are not failing because of carbon deposits - they're failing because leftover manufacturing debris is causing them to clog or leak. Honda has NO recommendation or requirement for throttle body cleaning.
Does the vehicle have to be registered in a specific state for the warranty to apply? My vehicle is registered in TX and it looks like I will be transferring to MD next summer (military). Just curious if it applies to where you live or where your vehicle is registered.
The warranty booklet states, "...registered and normally driven in..."
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After preaching for years on the virtues of Honda to family and friends I fell victim to the flawed fuel injectors at 44,608 miles on my 2016 Pilot EXL. Paid $1406 to replace the injector and pipe set. Dealer advised Honda has thus far failed to acknowledge the problem that occurred during manufacturing, but I may be able to have Honda reimburse me if Honda later decides to offer an extended warranty on the fuel system. I am thinking class action litigation would be the best chance to bring them to accept accountability. This is not the company I once championed!
If you paid for this repair before opening a case with Honda and asking them to cover it under goodwill, you sent the message that you were willing and/or felt obligated to pay out of pocket. This greatly decreased your chances of getting reimbursed unless Honda implements a warranty extension or this becomes a recall.

Honda has acknowledge that the problem was due to manufacturing debris from the high pressure fuel pump and/or injectors in the TSB, but they haven't extended the warranty or issued a recall even after more than two years.

From what I've seen on this and the Ridgeline forums, Honda has been covering the cost of this repair more often than not. The dealer isn't inclined to fight for you because if Honda covers the repair under goodwill, the dealer won't be able to make profit off of the parts and they'll get less reimbursement for labor compared to customer-pay.

What should have happened is to have the dealer diagnose the problem then call Honda yourself and explain why you feel it should be covered under goodwill. Reference this and the Ridgeline forum and remind them of how many Hondas you've owned and how you always have them serviced at a Honda dealer.
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