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2016 honda pilot exl sensing starter switch problem

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key battery low indicator came , i drove few weeks with that , then keyless start system problem indicator came i change battery but walk way auto lock stopped working . low battery in key went off but having issue with puss button starton /off but no issue with remote start from my key ( as new battery in) , did some google found out frequensy reset needed by dealer , but dealer gave me $400 start switch estimate , it took them 5 hours to find the issue , i was angry came home not to go to any dealer for service again.
now the keyless start on/off is gone but i can feel the button have little bit touch issue , dealer said its a common problem for all the pilot , but honda not doing anything to replace by manufac , so we owner holding the end of the hot stick .
prove : dealer ordered the parts and 4 weeks delay , its mean lot of people ordering it and honda ran out of parts , so why honda not replacing it for free???
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Which part is it that you need replacing? The key fob? The starter button? I'm a bit confused.

Some 2016s are now also three years old. The time when factory car batteries start to get too weak to work properly. When door locks stop working right, its time to get a new car battery.
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