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The original brand new car battery was replaced by a new genuine Honda battery 17 months ago. About a couple of weeks ago after a fews days (5-7 days) of no usage, the battery was completely dead, in the past we have left the car in the garage for 2+ weeks without any problem with the battery. After that event, I fully charged the battery and used the car for a couple of days with no problem, then the car sat in the garage for 5 days and the battery was fully dead again.

This time I checked the current at the battery with the car idle and was 0.09 A = 90 mA, I think it should be around 50 mA, so it is almost double than what it should be. Then I checked the voltage at every single fuse in the 3 fuse boxes, 2 under the hood and one in the cabin. Everything was 0.000V.

I am getting to the point that the only candidate is the battery itself, weird that it failed so soon, but honestly I don't know what else it could be.

The car has Honda Care and the battery is under Honda warranty as well, so taking it to the dealership for them to diagnose. Not a fan of that because they will usually fix one thing and break something else.

Do you have any suggestion on what else I could do to troubleshoot the problem? Thank you

NOTE: The car has 29,200 miles.
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