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There are a lot of posts about vibration, but none of them are quite like what I'm experiencing with my 2012 SE (2WD). I've had 3 Honda techs look at it, and they're stumped. They've never heard anything like it. But maybe someone here has, so here goes:
At specific engine rpm speeds, I get a very loud and low-frequency vibration that sounds like a bass. It happens in all gears, including park, neutral and reverse. It happens regardless of whether the ANC is engaged or not (it's not coming from the speakers). It is loudest at 1200 rpm when sitting still, or when decelerating or maintaining a steady speed (in any gear) under a very light load. If I open one of the back doors, it stops. It doesn't matter if the windows are open or closed, and obviously it's not caused by wind or air flow. It's very loud inside the car, but you can barely hear it from outside.

Mechanics have checked all the motor mounts, the exhaust, the serpentine belt (A/C, steering pump, tensioner pulley, etc.), the door frames, the roof.
It seems very unlikely that it's the torque converter, since it does it in any gear, at any speed, and it's caused by the engine running at a specific rpm.

If you've had this exact problem, please let me know if you have a solution. Many thanks.
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