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my seat cover was broken during service in the dealership and they won't fix it for me. They are saying i have no proof and plastic can break anytime...i made some complaints but I don't expect them to pay for the repair.easily. I probably need to take a picture of the car in and out throughly going forward.

Now, It's me who needs to fix it. I found the part on the internet but I have no clue how to take it off. I am guessing it's matter of click and put them together with the part but I have no clude.. Please help.

Based on the picuture I found. it seems i need to remove these two first.

button to move seats - how do I remove it?
there is cover for seat belt - how do I remove it?

Once those button and belt cover is removed, how do I remove the recliner cover?
the part number 81638-SZA-A41ZB ..mine is brown...

I searched youtube and couldn't find any.
if there is any video or picture of how to, please let me know
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