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I believe you already asked this here

If you can get the full set of components (display module, audio module, climate control module), you might be able to stuff it in, but is highly unlikely to look 'factory'. It might be compatible electrically though you will definitely need the pinouts for both 2011 and 2012 systems to make sure connectors are compatible.

In addition to the dash stack, there is a handsfree link module that goes in the bottom of center console - that is the one providing bluetooth. There is also a microphone module in the roof next to map lights. There is an AUX jack assembly and a USB jack , in the central armrest compartment. Plus all the wiring harnesses connecting it all together.

If the wedge -shaped portion above your audio unit is solid plastic, you might be far better off going aftermarket.

Using this adapter kit:

You can install a single DIN head with 'floating' screen (SONY XAV AX8000, Alpine Halo9, Pioneer DMH-WT7600NEX,

Or you can cut away the pocket section, and install pretty much any double-DIN head. I think if you look around these forums, someone recently did exactly that.
(i.e. 2009 Double Din mod)
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