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I purchased by 2011 Pilot EX 4WD back in November 2018 at 92k miles. The vehicle is now at 103k miles. In that time, I had the shocks, struts, alternator, and a CV axle replaced. The timing belt and water pump were replaced two weeks ago. After the added expense of paying other people to do the work, I am moving towards doing more of my own maintenance and repairs. To assist me in doing more of my own repairs, I am seeking a service/repair manual for my Pilot. I soon discovered that manuals for this generation are scarce. Print versions and PDFs are non-existent. Places like Haynes and only have the 2003-2008 Pilot available. The only two places that seem to have second generation repair manuals are ALLDATA and CHILTON with their online subscriptions for DIY. Do any of you have either one of these subscriptions or an alternate? I am tired of piecemeal information.

For context, the repairs and maintenance I am attempting are listed below. I have also mentioned why a reference manual is wanted. A lot of the reasons center around torque specifications to avoid both loosening and shearing.
  • Spark Plug Replacement
    • The place that did my timing belt was going to charge over $200 for this. I found the NGK plugs mentioned in the owner's manual for less than $60 on RockAuto.
    • I have changed plugs on another vehicle, but don't remember tightening to a torque spec. I found a 16 ft-lbs spec online and wanted a concurring opinion before proceeding.
  • Drive Belt and Tensioner Replacement
    • Once again, I didn't feel like paying the mechanic a markup when he was doing the timing belt.
    • An online discussion of replacing the tensioner mentioned replacing the bolt as well with threadlocker and a specific torque. I would like an authoritative source on the specification.
  • Torque specs for fluid changes (Quantities and type of fluid already mentioned in owner's manual)
    • Transmission
    • Rear differential
    • Brakes
    • Power Steering
    • Transfer Case
    • Coolant (recently done with water pump)
  • Front Lower Control Arms
    • I noticed some slight cracking in bushings.
    • I want to know the torque specs for all the nuts and bolts (castle nut and others)
    • I read about tightening and torquing nuts and bolts only after under load
    • I will be using an experienced friend for this job
  • VCM Tuner II
    • I don't actually need the manual for this Honda-unrecognized mod.
    • I noticed people have had issues with VCM.
    • I wanted to solicit feedback in the rare case that disabling VCM made things worse.
I have worked on cars with friends and family before, including small jobs on my prior vehicles. I am finally in a position where I have space and time to work on my own vehicle. The tool collection is slowly growing. I am still new to tackling most car projects solo. I am also nervous about messing up a vehicle that isn't a clunker. That wasn't a problem with my last cars (both were between 15-20 years old when I owned them vs 8-10 with the Pilot). If you have other maintenance recommendations, I would appreciate it. If you made it through my lengthy vomit, congrats!

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