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Recently purchased this 2011 Pilot, 99K miles, overall good shape, except for some rust under the rear on and around the rear subframe.

Looking to treat this rust, at least slow it down. I see a range of products( Rust Bullet Automotive, Rust Converter Ultra, Permatex Rust Treatment, Rustoleum Rust Reformer, etc). One guy did a comparison test and chose Ace Hardware's branded Rust Repair. Im not looking for perfect. I bought this car as a third car, to be used mainly to tow a motorcycle trailer to the track.

The rest of the frame looks clean. The car rides solid; it's got new Bilstien B6 shocks/struts, new rotors/pad and tires. Interior is perfect. The timing belt service is also in the near future.

The car came from Pittsburgh, so it's experienced a fair amount of salt in the winters. The spare wheel looks hideous. I already scrapped that with a wire brush and will be testing the Rustoleum product on that. I found a new one for $47 online, so that may be the ultimate answer for that.

Thanks for sharing any experience/advice.
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