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Have a 2011 Honda Pilot and the rear windshield wiper doesn’t function.

Checked fuse, good but replaced it anyways. So I picked up a new/used motor off eBay and it didn’t work either. Tested it, and the original with a voltage control adapter and they both work. The wiring harness on the motor has 5 pins. I’m getting around 10v on two of the lines, one yellow one a light orange. Those I believe control the wiper to not function when the lift gate or glass window is ajar. The center line is black ground but the other two I get nothing, purple and light red. I tested the wires from the wiring harness at the engine to the rubber wire conduit leading into the interior roof and I have continuity. Then checked wiring harness to fuse location under the hood. No continuity on either of the two lines.

Additional before tearing into the back hatch the glass hatch would open now it no longer does. What gives?? I'm feeling it might be a bad ground somewhere but can I just create a new ground to the body of the vehicle or do I need to run an line to meet up with the other grounds?

I’m wondering if there’s a slit in the wire somewhere or maybe a relay I’m missing? Would anyone have any good wiring diagrams to trace out the lines or resources that would assist me in voltage on the lines themselves? Thank you!
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