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Hi All,

I have both a 2011 Pilot EX-L and a 2015 Crosstour EX-L Nav. In the Pilot I have always noticed a nagging audio "quirk" when listening to SiriusXM that sounds like extra non-harmonic higher frequency "buzz", maybe something like cymbal rivets ( : cymbal rivets ) It's not very prominent, but there's enough to make listening less enjoyable for me. On the other hand, my 2015 Crosstour radio doesn't have this issue at all that I can tell. Of course the stereo in the Pilot is "special" in that it has noise cancellation related to the engine's VCM operation, so I don't necessarily just want to get an aftermarket stereo.

I might be willing to try swapping in a used 2015 Pilot stereo hoping it will sound more like my Crosstour's radio, if there wasn't an unreasonable level of mechanical/wiring difference between the 2011->2015 sub-generations within the Pilot second-gen. Does anyone have any info or suggestions on this possibility?

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