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I Googled what I could on this issue but not getting too far. Removed hatch panel and checked all the connections - unplugged and plugged back in - no signs of corrosion. Mirror connections seem good. I can manage w/o the back up camera but every time I shift into reverse the blue screen comes up and blocks my mirror view so I have to continuously manually turn the camera off. Before I invest in the $300+ camera assembly which I'm not 100% certain is the problem...does anyone have a suggestion or the same issue? From what I read - if the screen is blue then it's not the mirror but the signal from the mirror to the camera. Figured I'd give the Piloteers Forum a shot before spending the $$$. Thank you.

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On the service manual download link you can find on this forum, it is page 22-393 (overall page 2429 in the pdf)
Rearview camera connector pins (at the camera)
2 - shield (grey)
3 - video signal (black)
4 - video signal ground (green)
5 - (GND) power ground (red)
6 - (VCC) camera power. (white)

Connector at the mirror: (should be same colors)
1 - video signal
2 -video ground
3 - VCC
5 (Yellow) ACC - +12V when ignition on
6 (Orange) REV +12V when in reverse.
7 - shield
8 - GND
12 - GND (black) - to a ground point.

These are pretty much point -to-point. I would first check the continuity on all the camera-mirror wires.
Unplug both connectors, short 5 & 6 at camera, check for continuity between 3 and 8 at mirror. Then short 2&3 at camera, test 1&2 at mirror.
If wire continuity is good, check if camera is getting power:
With car running and rearview camera unplugged, check voltage between 5 and 6 at camera. Shift into reverse, check voltage between 5 and 6 again - likely will need helper for this.
If there is voltage at camera (8 to 12V) when in reverse, most likely the camera is dead.
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