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Sorry, noob here. This is my first post. I have a 2009 Pilot Touring with Nav & RES (Rear Entertainment System) . I want to replace the stock head unit with an aftermarket Android unit that does navigation and CarPlay. Being that it has RES, what kind of difficulties will I come across?
Alternately, instead of the head unit, I was thinking about replacing the stock navigation screen to an aftermarket head unit. Is THIS a possibility?
Thanks for any insight guys. Really love all your help! Love these forums. I learn so much!

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I am not fully familiar with that specific Pilot iteration, aside from the fact that climate controls are not integrated with the head unit (unlike on the 2012+), so head can be replaced.
Which 'aftermarket Android unit' are you talking about?
Something like this Seicane?
Be aware that:
Please note:
if your car's origin CD has navigation function,then this unit can't fit your car.
That wedge-shape on top of audio unit: on non-Nav models, it is blank, and climate/radio info goes to the small screen at top of dashboard. On Nav models with a color screen at top, that wedge area has the climate control info, and an aftermarket Android unit will not be compatible.

One fairly simple option you got is Navtool, and it might be your best best if you use iPhone.
A gizmo that goes in between your audio unit and the screen and provides a phone interface. Does Apple CarPlay, but Android Auto is not likely. Control is via steering wheel-mounted button pad.

To make a tally of your components, not sure exactly which of these apply to 2009 and which don't.
Audio-Navigation unit itself - kinda at the center of things. It includes DVD player and communicates with screen, with hands-free module, with RES control module, and sends preamp audio outputs to the external amplifier.
The display unit - talks to audio unit to display audio and navigation info, has direct connection to rear camera (if equipped). On later models, display is also the part that provides USB interface.
Active Noise Cancellation - employs two microphones to send noise-cancelling signal to amplifier. You generally want to disable this if using anything aftermarket.
Hands-Free link - establishes bluetooth connection to phone and also connects to factory microphone. On Nav models, however, factory mic might go directly into audio unit.
Amplifier - gets line inputs from audio and from ANC, distributes to speakers.

Your RES system (control module in the dash as well as controls in the rear and the screen) tie together with the audio unit, and if that is replaced, a lot of it is likely to stop working. Some heads provide integration for the rear entertainment, but wiring it all up can be a bear.
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