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Hi, looking for a specific thread about this. Searching resulted in a lot of discussions, but most seem to talk about warped rotors.

My 2009 EX-L has 120k miles.

At 65 MPH the steering wheel shakes. You can feel it in your seat too.

I've had my wheels balanced many times and 4-wheel alignments.

Vehicle also pulls to the right a little bit (not when braking).

Both issues have been happening for years.

BTW: Here is what I've replaced on my 2009 since purchasing new

-Steering wheel clock spring
-Front Struts and Springs
-Rear Shocks and Springs
-Multiple AC relays
-Center arm rest cover
-Driver door arm rest cover

Thanks for the help.

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Were the tires road force balanced? Some have had this issue resolved by finding a tire shop with this balancing equipment.

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My 2011 had 198K on it when I traded it in and no issues at all with vibration, pull or shuddering at highway speeds or any speed for that matter. A few things to check as others have mentioned.
Did you have the tires road force / high speed balanced?
What is the age of the tires?
Any noticeable wear patterns?
Did you move to a much more aggressive tread pattern than the OEM tire?
Have the LCA bushings been replaced. Look underneath to see if you have any black goo leaking from them.
When was the last 4-wheel alignment done, over a year ago? I've had mine come out of an alignment shop pulling worse than when I took it in. Take it back and say it still pulls. Take the mgr for a ride and show him as well.
Did you replace your sway bar bushings and sway bar end links when you did your struts?
Did you rebuild and reuse components from your original struts (mounting cap/bearing) or put in new assemblies?
You mentioned new wheels. Have they been verified to be true?
Do you have the option to go back to your factory wheels/tires and see if the problem still exists?
Have you rotated the tires to see if the problem moves to a different corner? If it stays up front then you are looking at suspension vs wheel/tire
Are the rims/tires free of any dirt/debris? If you have a clump of mud hanging on inside the rim it may throw things out of balance. Probably not in this case but worth checking

Last thing I can think of is to check that the steering linkage is all tight. Check for warn ball joints, tie rods, etc. These should be caught when they do an alignment but are worth checking out.
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