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My remote key broke apart and I tried to start the Pilot with the metal key and pliers. I did not realize that I needed to have the chip near the ignition. The motor turned over and then died and all of the dash warning lights came on. I realized then that I needed to have the chip near the ignition and started it again and after two tries, it kept running. Most of the lights went off as I was driving and when I reached my destination, all of the warning lights were off.

My destination was a Honda dealership parts department to have the remote key refurbished and recut. It started and ran well for the rest of the day. The next day was a different story. It stalled multiple times in my 4-mile trip. When I started it again it would rev and die, rev and die, so I had it towed to a repair shop. I explained what had happened and they said I needed an air intake boot so I had them replace that. It started when I picked it up and drove around some but began running very roughly like it was going to stall. And it did as I pulled in my driveway. Now it won't even crank.

Because the Pilot was running very well before the key incident, I can't help but think that starting it without the chip caused the immobilizer to activate and all of these other issues are related to that. Has anyone had a similar experience and what was the remedy?
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