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Hi all- I posted this in the For Sale category a while back but got no bites, so have copied it over here- follow the link for photos.

Willing to part these out too- I just can't stomach recycling them esp when I see folks in need of a cam or mis parts. Make me an offer, send me beer... you get the idea...

Left and Right head for a 2009, J35Z4. 200K miles. Good buildable cores; engine was running when pulled albeit no oil pressure and several spun bearings. I would not just bolt these up without first running through them. Note, this head pictured has two burned valves (that white stuff... not corrosion...).

Cost is $200 shipped for one head (shipping will be about $100 each). Or $100 if you pick up in person in North Idaho.

I also have most of the rest of the engine available. The block and crank were bad and have since been recycled. Message me if you are looking for parts.
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