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I see LOTS of people posting about their door locks not working, the actuators, reprogramming the keys, etc...

  • My front driver's side door works with and without the key FOB
  • All other doors lock and unlock manually (Driver side rear, passenger and passenger side read)
  • Back Hatch glass opens when i push the lower right hand button on key FOB but not when i hit the button by the license plate light.
  • Back gate unlocks with the remote (i can hear it) but it does not open button under handle has stopped working

Am i looking at getting latch assemblies for all 3 doors and a new back handle for the back door?

The remotes work fine - if all doors are locked it locks and the alarm sets
could it just be a setting or programming i am not seeing?

When i test drove it, everything worked ok but i am aware that this is a 11 yr old vehicle lol
Any advice would be greatly appreciated - i am digging through the posts but i figured i could ask and see what the longer-tenure owners have to say.

Thank you!
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