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Hello all

Vehicle is a 2008 Honda Pilot 4WD SE J35A9 engine.

The engine is making a rotating ticking noise which is sometimes quite pronounced.

Most apparent starting a low speed roll in lower gears.

Here is a short history of related repairs (not all seeking to remedy engine noise but all related)

12JUN2020 Serpentine belt tensioner replaced - 171K
12JUN2019 Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, drive belt, and coolant replaced - 157K
14JUN2018 A/C compressor, hub, and coil replaced (not cooling) - 133K
14JUN2018 Tensioner replaced (goodwill warranty) - 133K
21SEP2017 Serpentine belt and tensioner replaced - 119K
2015JUN06 Serpentine belt and tensioner replaced - 78K
10OCT2014 Timing belt, camshaft oil seal, camshaft sprocket, crankshaft oil seal, crankshaft sprocket,
timing belt tensioner, head, and other parts/subassemblies replaced
(cracked head - plug blew out) - 69K

Here is a link to a video for review.

Rocking is me holding the camera, not the engine.

Please provide any wise/sage advice.

Thanks in advance

Andrew R.
Berryville VA
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