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Hi I am new here and I have recently purchased a 2007 honda pilot it does have high mileage around 192k for the first 3 months have not had any issues with it at all besides some oil consumption, which I have owned other honda vehicles and figured was normal. Shortly after I replaced the spark plugs on the pilot and the are all burnt up and have crud build up on the bottom of them didnt think anything off it. A few weeks later I am driving and all of a sudden the car loses power like if shut off and then the vsa light warning light and check engine are on, I come to a stop sign car is running extremely rough and stalls out.

Park the car for about 2 days rest battery and all first 30 seconds ok but then it all comes back and once i parked it again it began to smell like a strong oil smell and started to smoke as well. So i try to check the engine light and code reader isnt working and readings says error code.

So i begin taking motor apart check the timing seemed to be fine.
Checked the spark plugs and front bank seems to be normal rear have oil on them smelt a alittle like fuel too.
So i do a compression test on the rear bank and it is reading about 60psi which is not got.
As I begin to tear it down more i see that the rear bank cam shaft lobes are worn and damaged.

Now my question is i know im having my issue in that rear cylinder head and bank but now can me having a damaged cam be the cause of all these issues as well as the low compression and smoke emitting out of the tail pipe. I will still continue tear down just seeing if I maybe able to get some advice.
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