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2007 Pilot knocking noise from front after changing brake pads

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So this has been a very frustrating problem over the last few days, i changed my brake pads and right after i was done the front Driver side tire area started making a knocking noise, getting faster based on the speed i go and when i brake it goes away, even just pressing the brake very slightly. We took the tire off and checked it out 7 times inspecting making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be and tight. Still the noise persists, i’ve checked to make sure nothings inside the rim, the brake dust flap isn’t hitting it, even making sure the lug nuts are tight which was an answer when searching this problem came up a lot, but still nothing. I decided today to take it to my mechanic and they couldn’t even figure out what could be making the noise. I have another issue with my flex pipe, just loud exaust so that’s getting loud to where it’s harder to hear knocking but it’s still there, i’m curious if that could have anything to do with it but doubt it. Anyone’s answers/guidance is appreciated.

Edit: I also forgot to mention sound gets more intense or notice it more turning right but happens constantly going straight

Here’s a video of the noise:
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Check to see whether the OEM front exhaust pipe is still available. There are aftermarket exhaust solutions or find a reputable shop to cut the old flex section off and weld on a replacement. The knocking noise is loud and consistent...sure it wasn't there before the brake job? Clicking is usually the tell tale sound of CV axle issues but mine silently slung grease and caused some intermittent vibration at highway speeds.
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