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You might have a leak at the oil pump seal, and to get eyes on it, you will have to look behind the timing cover. Maybe there is dry oil showing around the bottom of the cover. If you aren't losing oil, and it isn't dripping oil, it is just seeping due to dried up seal. Get a bottle of ATP AT-205 from Advance Auto and put it into your engine oil. This will recondition all the seals. Put a little in your power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. This will recondition the rubber without swelling. It will not fixed cracked seals, but will fix dried up, which is what you are likely dealing with.
Sounds like you have kept up on your maintenance, and fixed many parts. You must have a real good vehicle, and will give you many more years and many thousands of more miles of use. It's probably in better condition then most. Find a reputable Honda Mechanic and save thousands over time. Do not under any circumstance go to anyone that doesn't specialize in Honda. This is almost a requirement for a long lasting Honda. Once you venture out from Honda is when you start to have issues. This includes the mechanic. They are easy to work on, and learn on, but there are things you must know before working on them. Basically only Honda fluids and parts. If you can remember that, it is the most important thing with them.
You can drive it as much as you want even when it is losing oil. Just make sure the oil is kept between the two lines. You would be surprised how many are driving around just fine under and over the marks. If your engine oil is between the two marks, you don't have to worry about where it is going. Just to put your mind at ease.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts