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Hello, Saturday my pilot started up rough/missing but it smoothed out after 5-10 seconds and drove fine and also started twice after this. I go to start it Sunday and it cranks and sounds like it’s going to start but it will not.

ive checked fuel and it’s coming out of the fuel line near the firewall and I’ve tried start fluid in the intake.

I’ve scanned it and no codes pending or stored, I’ve tried a different relay for the pgm-fi under the dash. When I had the scanner on it shows Rpms going to 150-200 when cranking.

I need to retest but it appears I don’t have spark but I’ve checked all the fuses and they are all good.

i am lost on what to do next I’ve done all the basics besides compression test but the engine sounds normal just like it’s not cranking hard enough or fast enough since it’s only going to 150-200 rpms

Any advice is appreciated!
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