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I recently completed a dashcam installation, and others might find these notes useful.

I mounted my dashcam behind the rear view mirror, and the main issue is getting power to the camera. There are two convenient sources for 12V power:
At first I thought I would use the map light console circuit because it was more convenient. I reverse engineered the power supply circuit for the map light console, but it turns out you can find the circuit diagram with some searching:

Text Diagram Line Design Parallel Electrical wiring Wire Cable Technology Auto part

This circuit can provide an unswitched 12V support, but in the end I decided I didn't want to risk the dashcam draining the battery, so I ended up using the autodimming mirror circuit. The relevant part of the autodimming mirror circuit is this:
Text Line Diagram Parallel Font Technology Wire Auto part Electronic device Automotive lighting

Notice it provides a switched 12V supply (hot when the car ignition is engaged), GND, and also a 12V signal when the reverse gear is engaged. Be aware that when you're checking the wiring with a multimeter, it's easy to confused GND and the reverse gear signal.

To tap into the circuit, I decided to try to find the matching connectors rather than splicing into the wires. After some measuring, and research, I discovered that these are Sumitomo HD 090 series connectors.
I ordered part 6098-0244 and pins and crimped my own matching connector. Suppliers I found include:
  • Code:
    • Cycle Terminal - Sumitomo - HD Non-Sealed Connectors - These Connectors are used highly on Honda car and Motorcycles
  • Code:
    • JokTheel - Sumitomo HD type 4 Pin way male female unsealed car auto electrical wire connector plug 6098-0244 6098-0243
Lastly remember that these car circuits supply 12V, and to complete the installation the following additional considerations are required:
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