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Greetings all! I have a 2006 Pilot with approximately 265k miles on it. I started to get an intermittent check engine light several months ago. Sometimes this is accompanied by a the VTM-4 light, sometimes not. It was very sporadic initially, but has become pretty consistent now. I don't really see much in the way of performance impact in limited driving around town, but my gas mileage is definitely down. I also feel like the AWD is not functioning properly, likely due to whatever is going on here. I ran to a local auto part store to have them read the codes and this was the result:

  • 86-1 - Controller Area Network Relation Malfunction
  • 83-1 - Engine Control Module (ECM) / Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Relation Malfunction
  • 61-1 - Battery Voltage Malfunction
  • P0134 - Oxygen Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected Bank 1 Sensor 1
  • P1172 - Oxygen Sensor Out of Normal Operation Range - Too Lean Bank 1 Sensor 1
Posted a question related several months ago, wondering if not getting voltage from the alt or batt would cause these failures, but have since tested both and they seem to be just fine. I had replaced both of the downstream 02 sensors not that long ago, and also had replaced the plugs and done a valve adjustment during that time, but looking back i now realize that was in Jan 2016 or so, so it's been about 4 years (though i work from home most of the time, so not necessarily a ton of miles during that time).

I'm trying to determine if i should go ahead and replace the O2 sensor that is being flagged, or if it's more likely that code is the result of something going on with the ECM, given the 83-1 and 86-1 codes. Is there any good way to test the ECM? What little i've read thus far leads me to believe they rarely actually go bad, and it looks like a spendy part and pain in the backside to replace, but i haven't gotten too far into the research on that. I'd appreciate any feedback as i'd really like to get the silver fox back into shape before the spring camping season rolls around.
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