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Just picked up a Pilot the other weekend with 112k miles. I need a little help from the crew here. After I drove the 250 miles home, I managed to blow an passenger axle seal as well as leak some coolant. The coolant was the upper radiator hose at the thermostat. Both tasks were pretty straight forward. All of which was not occuring during the initial inspection. The guy I bought the Pilot from said that he did the timing belt and tune up. I highly doubt he did the t-belt for the tune up was never done. But he did change the coolant, lol.

After I pulled the wheels and did a full inspection, I found that the rear subframe body mount (left rear) is rusted out. I did see a post about a repair and do fully plan on creating a patch similar to it. I would like to ask if someone knows what size bolt will fit through the rear subframe bushing. I plan on taking a nut and welding it to a plate and then welding the plate to the body.

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.


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