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The trim kit you need is a Scosche HA-1703B You likely want two of those, one for lower, one for upper location. It also includes a single-DIN conversion pocket, you should be able to use both pockets for the lower location.

Now, if Nav model in the top location indeed has a larger opening in the trim around the screen, resulting in a gap, you will just need to get a non-Nav model trim.
The part you have in there is a 77250-S9V-A61ZA

The part you want instead is a 77250-S9V-A11ZA

NOTE: I might have got the trim parts swapped around. Before ordering a trim part, I suggest getting one of the Scosche kits, and see if its frame fits in the top location with or without a gap. If there is gap, check the model part of the trim you have, and order accordingly.
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