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I have read through multiple threads and scoured Crutchfield, but have yet to find a definitive answer to the following.

What I currently have:
2005 Honda Pilot EX-L with Navigation and CD changer. Stock Navigation Screen, Navigation DVD player, CD/Tape/Radio head unit, CD Changer.

What I want:
1. Remove the Navigation head unit (double din) and Navigation DVD Player (under passenger seat)
2. Remove the Radio/Tape player head unit (double din) and remove CD changer (under driver seat)
3. Install a new multimedia head unit in the Navigation spot (top of the center stack)--Preferred install location
4. Install 1-2 pockets and trim in the spot currently occupied by the radio/tape player unit.

Looking at the Pioneer 2660NEX head unit and Scosche Trim kit or Metra trim kit

1. Seems like most trim kits and install kits do not fit the Navigation screen location double din spot and leave gaps
2. Read reports that the steering wheel control unit connectors give limited functionality (ie. volume and maybe mode), maybe not worth the extra $$?
3. Options for the lower double din location? Was thinking 2 single din pockets, or 1 double din pocket, or 1 single din pocket.

Has anyone done this upgrade or know of a post that has accomplished this?

Thanks in advance for any insight or input.

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The trim kit you need is a Scosche HA-1703B You likely want two of those, one for lower, one for upper location. It also includes a single-DIN conversion pocket, you should be able to use both pockets for the lower location.

Now, if Nav model in the top location indeed has a larger opening in the trim around the screen, resulting in a gap, you will just need to get a non-Nav model trim.
The part you have in there is a 77250-S9V-A61ZA

The part you want instead is a 77250-S9V-A11ZA

NOTE: I might have got the trim parts swapped around. Before ordering a trim part, I suggest getting one of the Scosche kits, and see if its frame fits in the top location with or without a gap. If there is gap, check the model part of the trim you have, and order accordingly.
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