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I could have avoided this if only I had done some better research before attempting to remove the wheel hub from the knuckle while it was still on the vehicle......all this to change a broken lug nut :|

After removing the caliper mount / rotor / axle nut I used a puller to attempt to get the wheel hub off. Under the force of the puller, the hub did not break free of the knuckle, and the entire knuckle , including the hub/bearing assembly was pulled off the axle by about 1 inch and got stuck. I didn't notice until I took a look from the side, at which point the assembly was jammed up on the axle spline/hub. Rather than disconnect the ball joints / strut to relieve the stress on the knuckle, I decided to first attempt to tap/knock the knuckle back onto the axle with a wood block and hammer.

I was able to knock the knuckle/wheel hub back into position and the wheel was able to spin freely. I was not comfortable that my caveman style approach of knocking the knuckle back was yet another mistake but it was the best option I could think of short of taking everything apart.

After reassembling everything I wanted to verify the steering/alignment , and any bearing noise , so I took it for a ride.

I noticed right away was that the steering wheel was about 20 degrees left of center for the vehicle to travel straight. With the steering wheel centered it would veer to the right.

Is this a matter of getting an alignment done to correct any problems introduced and center the wheel? or should any other checks / work be performed to ensure nothing else was affected around the hub/drive/ball joints?

Thanks for any feedback/comments you all may have.
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