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Wife totaled the Pilot, but she is ok as is the other driver.
She T-boned another car.
Well maintained by a Honda Certified Tech = ME!
Condenser and Radiator as well as other front end repair is needed (bumper, hood, fenders, etc.)
Would anyone be interested in making a reasonable offer for the entire vehicle?
Plenty of goofballs (and other choice words) on Facebook marketplace, so I pulled my ad from there.
If you need a parts car, this may be it!
I was a long-time forum member and benefited greatly from y'alls stories and posts.
I'd prefer to move this entirely and not part it out.
I am in Whitesboro, Texas 76273
If you want details of what all has been done and what still works, I'd love to see it go to a good home and put to use.
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