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Hey all (especially those in Michigan and surrounding states)...

Selling my 2003 Honda Pilot LX for $700. IT NEEDS A HEAD GASKET REPLACED OR NEW MOTOR.

I don't have the time or $ to put into it but someone here might. It will start and run but lots of white smoke and combustion test positive pointing at head gasket. Tranny is good, has 165K miles. Tires are Michelin Defender 265/70/16 with a lot of life left, 9/32 on tread and only about 20k on them and my last set went about 70K.

I am in Michigan so shoot me a message if interested. Clean title, not accidents small dent/scuff in drivers door and drivers passenger door. Rest of the body is pretty good with minimal rust for a Michigan vehicle.

Thanks for looking let me know if you have questions.
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