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Hello I’m new. I have a 2003 Pilot with 295k miles. On Monday of this week I was driving on the interstate when I felt a gallop. I thought I had a flat tire so I pulled over to check. Tires were ok but the Pilot started ideling rough and the check engine and VTM4 light comes on.
Drove it 30 minutes to get to my destination and had the codes read. Misfiring on 4 of 6 cylinders. Went straight to repair shop as I needed to return home (3 hours away). Waited 3 hours while they did diagnostic test. Told me that the plugs were all fouled due to a bad catalytic converter. Had to order converter so was stuck overnight.
Next day converter and plugs changed. When the shop did their final test drive it was still ideling rough. So they reran diagnostic and did a compression test. Shop calls to tell me that cylinder 6 failed the compression test and that fuel was backing up into the cylinder which is what caused the converter to fail and for the plugs to foul out. Shop said that I needed to replace the heads. He told me that he could leave the injector to cylinder 6 unconnected and that I’d be able to drive it ok and safely back home but that I’d notice some shuddering and reduced performance.
Paid shop and started home. Hit the interstate and the car was jerking very hard and unable to get over 30-40mph. Driving 100% worse than when I took it Into the shop. Called a mechanic back home who advised not to drive it home. Explained what was happening and he said he thought it was a bad fuel injector but couldn’t say for sure.
Any thoughts or experience? I’ve been stranded out of town for 4 days now. I don’t want to keep just tossing cash at shops and it not be fixed.
My oil on the stick has a slight gas smell to it. No overheating at all. Has new plugs new converter Oil level full Tranny fluid full EGR valve and ports cleaned.
Help please!!
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