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2003 honda pilot ac not blowing

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so I bought my 2003 Honda pilot and I noticed when I turn my ac on the front vents especially the two middle ones don't blow out any air flow even on max. so I go to check the ac filter and see that there is no filter in there at all but there are a bunch of dirt and leaves. So I take my car to vacuum it all out and still no air flow. I can hear the fans working and the rear vents blow alright. There is a loud noise as well. I was told it might be clogged by dirt ect. but how am I supposed to unclog it?
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I would pull the front fan motor assembly. It isn't too bad. You can get to it from the passenger's side footwell. If I remember correctly it is one electrical plug and 3 or 4 screws. It pulls out the bottom.
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