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Found this at Interesting! Anyone get a copy of the magazine?

AMI Auto World Names Honda Pilot '2003 Family Vehicle of the Year'

Torrance, CA 11/11/2002 -- The all-new 2003 Honda Pilot has won AMI Auto World magazine's first ever "Family Vehicle of the Year" competition, taking top honors for its reliability, safety, performance and value.

The magazine compared SUVs, minivans, sedans and station wagons to determine what would be perfect transportation for most families. The winner, Honda Pilot, delivered the highest ranking overall on a list of factors that examine seating and cargo capacity, safety ratings, fuel economy, reliability, interior comfort and useful interior features, performance, warranties and resale values.

AMI Auto World writes in the current issue, "For families seeking a vehicle that combines the best attributes of performance, reliability, seating capacity and a wealth of useful features, the Pilot is an attractive choice."

The December 2002 issue of AMI Auto World has the complete story on the Pilot and how it stacked up against the top contenders in the industry. The award was presented to American Honda Motor Co., Inc., at the South Florida International Auto Show (Miami) by AMI Auto World Executive Editor Terry Jackson. Additional information regarding AMI Auto World magazine is available at
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