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19 Pilot Touring its a Lemon!

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Anyone else with these problems?! 2 weeks into ownership, No audio connection messages on radio screen. Then no FM connection. Network communication lost. Then black screens. Also lost digital instrument cluster, all happend several times, not to mention horrible Bluetooth sound quality! Its a big problem for me when my 2 year old is in the car and my wife is telling me that she has no gauges and screens. Its been 5 Times back to dealership. The radio, cluster, tuner, head unit, and the biggest, the entire body harness! Still not fixed. Just got message again last week. Honda North America is telling me its a software issue with 3rd party suppliers of infotainment system with NO CURRENT FIX!! I have been a technician for 12 years, I imagine this is a bigger issue than Honda leading me to believe. I see many others having issues with rebooting, blank screens and im sure more cases will pop up. Im done with this car. Dealership is telling me they cant give me another car without 5-6k out of pocket due to depreciation. What BS. Talking with lemon law lawyer today
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@Nick128 what did you end up doing? I am having this exact same issue...
And dealership has no clue how to fix. They have had my Pilot for 15 days and counting with no fix or end in sight. I am trying to decide what to do now. Class action or hire an attorney etc
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