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A set of beautiful Axis Se7en wheels with Yokohama A520 tires(215/40/17 and 225/45/17) for sale!!!!
They were on a show MR2 spyder so they are techically BRAND NEW!!
Extremely nice wheels.
I got it for $1600, and will sell it for 1100(obo)
I have no problem selling them on ebay for this price(consider they are almost brand new and with one the most expensive tires). However, I dont want to deal with all the shipping issue.. therefore, local pick-up only!

I live in San Jose, CA
If interested, please send me email: [email protected]
Cuz probably I will not check this forum again for a while.
Thank you for looking and God bless you all!
p.s. the wheels have 4 lugs universal pattern, so will fit all imports with 4 lugs

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