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09' Pilot with Vibs felt in seat/back issue

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Hey all, I have an 09' EX-L 4WD w/ 185k miles I picked up as a daily driver/ project car... Actually got a good deal!
I am trying to chase down a vibration that feels like its in the rear as I feel it in my but/back...

. I start to feel vibs around 45-50 and can at times smooth out above 70, though sometimes present. Almost always felt in the seatback or bottom.. Rarely in the steering wheel, however once in a while.

Here is a list of work I have done or I have record of completion. Some non-vibration related.

1) Timing belt/water pump at 150K (Monroe, previous owner)
2) Front Struts/rear shocks (Napa) with front/rear sway bar links replaced
3) Brakes/Rotors/Calipers (all 4 Napa)
4) new tires - Road Force Balanced
5) Front CV axles (Cardone, RockAuto)
6) Drive/Propeller shaft (Cardone)
7) entire airbox intake assembly (Honda)
8) rear Dif drain and fill with Honda fluid
9) VCM muzzler (works awesome!)

What I have on order/about to change
1) New NGK Iridium spark plugs
2) Rear CV Axles (Honda)
3) Compliance Bushing (Honda)

When doing the compliance bushing, do I need to complete the entire lower arm on the front to replace the ball joint as well? The Honda Bushing's I bought don't come with the entire arm, therefore no ball joint.. I was thinking of buying a moog arm's and removing the compliance bushing it comes with and install the Honda's I have.

Is there anything else to check/change to eliminate rear vibration? I don't get it in the steering wheel often, only once in a while when accelerating on the highway, but it's not consistent.

Any advice you have is appreciate!
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I'm assuming the vibration was there before all the new parts on the list was swapped in? Maybe hub bearing(s)?? But I think hubs are heard before they are felt? Could be more than one hub bearing that is bad, esp at 185k.

I have not heard any reports of the rear end causing vibrations, perhaps the fluid was not topped up during the refill?
Maybe the rear CVs if the CV bearing slipped out of place. The Car Care Nut youtube channel showed exactly that (sorry I don't know what video), and it is hard to detect, it looks like a bulge coming through the CV boot when the axle is rotated. But it seems like this only occurs during disassembly/installation. Not sure if the bearing can slip out on it's own (or due to an impact/accident??)
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