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Hello Piloteers. I've been reading a lot from you all, but tnx God wive's 2008 Pilot has been performing great at 190k + miles. Recently the alternator started making a whining noise? (she advised me) and not 4 days later my wife got stranded no too far away. Tow truck $45, alternator $203 but if I return the actual the core is $47. I'm thinking of getting the damaged one to local shop in order to have a spare. If the repair cost estimate is too high I'll return it as core and buy a new or refurbished one from Rkato or else. Well I just want to make a recommendatiion to U old Pilot owners... I installed this pictured device in place of the cigarette lighter on the console, so my wife can see the actual battery voltage and the running alternator output. I trust her on that type of verifications cause she "always" advise me of such things, but in this SUV she doesn't have that kind of data to let me know.
Just my 2 cents and thanks for all the great info I've gathered from U Guys on this last couple of years.
Take Care and Happy Piloting.

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