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So I have been reading for several weeks about engine options for my J35A9 engine in the 06 Pilot 4wd. From what I read pretty much all the J35A platforms will work to some extent.
05-08 Acura RL (J35A8) 11:1 compression, run premium fuel
06-08 Pilot (J35A9)
06-08 Honda Ridgeline (swap upper intake)
Acura MDX not sure of the years
My question is: Has anyone used the Acura RL engine in the Pilot? What needs swapped from original engine. I know the upper intake for sure. I found 1 post where someone has done it but I can't find it anymore. The post said to run premium fuel but they had also talked to a Honda Tech and he said regular fuel could be ran and the ECU would compensate for it. Basically the Acura RL engines are 500 and the Pilot engines are 1500.
I could swap the Pilot heads to the Acura RL engine if needed but I would rather just do a total engine swap.
Anyone know for sure?
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