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I just got my salesman to agree on an '04 Sagebrush EX-L for $2177 under MSRP. We agreed on $32,000. Installed Accessories include:

*complete tow package
*fog lights (without lower trim)
*Day/Night mirror
*backup sensors
*wheel locks
*mud flaps
*pin stripping.

When I added up the accessories, priced off of hondacuraworld as a guide, and then adding $1000 for total installation costs (average taken from info on this site), I got to $34,177 for MSRP. I offered $31,500 and eventually worked up to $32,000. The dealer wouldn't budge off of $32,471 so I left. My salesman called me today and said that the GM OK'd $32,000. I'm buying the Pilot tomorrow. The dealer is Dobbs Honda on Covington Piike in Memphis. Salesman's name is Mike Reine - great guy. Can't wait to get my new Pilot!
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