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{RE-posted in 2003-2008 sub-Forum, Sorry to post it here in error}

Hi Gang: I've used the advice at this site for a while and it gave me the confidence to replace my Knock sensor (typical rodent chew..). But now the idle is different than before. Even if warm outside (~70deg) when I start a cold engine, it jumps to a fast idle of about 2100rpm. It quickly (few seconds) goes down to ~1100rpm, then back to 2000rpm for a couple seconds. It does this cycle 2-3 times then settles out around 900rpm. Odd in that was not the way it was before my knock sensor and other repair so wondering if I hit/twisted/broke something else.
Also, when I am going 40+mph and take my foot off the accelerator, there is a 'shudder' that feels like it is coming from the transmission. Don't know if it is a downshift or what but a 'new feature'. Trans fluid was replace last year and it properly full.

Here is what I changed:
2004 EX. 175K miles, all stock. I've had it since 2006.
Knock Sensor (Standard KS102), Knock Sensor harness (Honda), and rewired a wire that comes from connector to main harness (it was a persistent rodent...) :(had the typical CEL and VTM-4 light)
Did the usual repair steps from advice on this site, cleaned a ton of buildup on those grooves on intake manifold cover etc,

While I was there.........
Replaced Plugs (NGK 4363)
Replaced COP: (Denso 673-2302)
Replaced Fuel Injectors (Standard FJ490)
Replaced all the gaskets with Mahle MS19469 set..

And since I had so much room with the engine apart, I took the opportunity to replace all the motor/trans mounts. Sounded like a good idea... Spent 80% of my time on the rear one which seemed okay when I finally go it out. The Front and passenger's side ones were definitely torn up. But spent a lot of time laying across the engine bay futzing with that rear mount. I easily could have hit/bent something unintended.

Anyway, got it all back together and had the oscillating idle problem. Tried the reset a couple of times but no joy. One time when it was idling, I rapped on various air intake components and when I hit the IAC valve, the idle went up to ~2000rpm and stayed there. I did spray a lot of Electronic cleaner in that area so maybe some crud got moved around. So, I replaced it (Standard STI AC229), did the reset again and all was good!

-->Except for the higher idle and this tranny 'shudder' Neither of which were there before I started my repairs.

Any suggestions on what could be causing these conditions?

There are no codes. Warm engine idle in Park is about ~875rpm


06 pilot ex 4wd
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Did you try the Idle re-learn
cold start
hold rpm at 3,000 until the fan comes on
let idle for 5 minutes
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