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'04 Pilot, OPDS Unit Fault Code 15-1 not clearing

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Help request.
OPDS Unit Fault Code 15-1.
I've replaced with 2 separate used units. Can go through initialization sequence OK on original OPDS unit & both replacements - but the SRS warning light reappears a few seconds after the last 2 blinks of the light.
Fuse 7 shared with rear wiper motor is OK.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?
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The only way i found to correct the issue was to purchased a scan tool ( foxwell nt630 pro) that can clear / resync the SRS light.
I got a Foxwell 630Plus unit that can reset SRS codes. It is not even scanning the SRS system. Got a "No Communicating" message.
Any suggestions?
I had the same issue in my case it needed the new firmware / software update ..did you happen to update yours ? its free from the vendors website .
Also make sure it's fully seated in the OBD port mine will give me issues staying in the port time to time.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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