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At 190,000 miles and $3700 today I'm the 3rd owner. Read the car fax. I'm letting them put a new timing belt and water pump in, and paint the slight front bumper scuff and a couple of small scratches for an additional $450. Hope that was a good call for the 100,000 miles piloteers. Otherwise It's immaculate inside and out. Cosmetics are important to this new to me Pilot lady. I would like to get a protector for the back area. My Jack Russell girl and I like to go various places hiking. Suggestions welcome on protectors. Handles like a dream, smooth on the rough road, very solid, no road noise, very comfortable seating, tranny shifts smoothly. I drove it hard and soft for a 1/2 hour or so. Motor mounts seem stable. Reminds me of my old Mitsubishi Expo sport, which after near 400k, I couldn't find another to purchase even in another state. I think people just didn't want to part with them. 4500lb towing capacity which was one of my main items. Any recommendations to keep it in top condition is greatly appreciated! I'm prepared to do what's needed. I do want to tow a small boat and/or small camper and go see the Grand Canyon and other sites from time to time. Suggestions on installing a tow package. I read it's good to put an air cooler on some suv' s when towing, but I think they may have been a 4 cyl. I'm excited!

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To get the towing capacity you want does require adding transmission and Power steering coolers. Plus of course the hitch and wiring to meet your needs.
Much depends on your own preferences but the Tow hitch and wiring is an easy DIY. Adding the coolers is best done by a mechanic unless you are comfortable with that type of work. Look at the towing section for various threads on that.
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