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Have you replaced your rear bump stops 03-08 Pilot?

03-08 Pilot Factory product request for Rear Bump Stops through

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03-08 Pilot Rear Bump Stops- 52722-S9V-A04 have been on back order for a long time. says they have some influence with the factory if they can show a need. They requested to spread the word and give them a reason to break out the molds. I am posting the email response I got after sending a request through support. I am also posting the link to the form.

Font Parallel Document Paper Publication
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Awesome!!! Thanks for taking the initiative!! I plan on filing out the form for my 2005

Edit: Done ✔
Holy Crap!!!! That was pricy!!
We have all been there & done that one way or another
1 - 3 of 9 Posts