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  1. Advance Rims with TPMS

    Excellent Condition with TPMS No curb rash or paint chips 20x8.5, 5x120 bolt pattern Pick up in NYC or buyer pays shipping $900 Or best offer PM me if interested.
  2. 2010 rims on a 2013

    2012-2015 Pilot
    Does anyone know if the 2010 (so 2009-2011) rims will fit on a 2013 (2012-2015)? The 2010 are 245/65R17 (7.5” wheel width) and the 13 came with 235/60R18 (6.5” wheel width)
  3. 2011 Pilot Touring Wheels

    These 17" alloy wheels are from a 2011 Pilot Touring and are in great condition. The discoloration on the spokes may look like scratches but it is actually some sort of road grime that is embedded in the very finely machined ribs on these wheels. With some patience and elbow grease they can be...