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  1. 2012-2015 Pilot
    I recently bought a 2015 Pilot based on the many accolades, but immediately niticed the " shudder/flutter" going in and out of ECO mode. After reading the many helpful posts about it here, I opted for the S-VCM module, and installed it this week. Easy smooth install helped by youtube videos...
  2. 2009-2011 Pilot
    2010 pilot lx 104k miles orig owner... we had a mechanic change the coil for #1 cylinder and two weeks later the light came back on with the same message . should we put a brand new honda or other coil for #1 and then install the VCM Tuner II that supposedly adjusts to the climate? please can...
  3. General Discussions
    DO you disable VCM? If so, How? If your vehicle has VCM, please select the method you currently use to disable it. Feel free to explain why. The pro's and con's you've found. Or if and why you chose not to.... Here are the methods I've come across so far, and their links... VCMuzzler -...
1-3 of 3 Results