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  1. 2012-2015 Pilot
    I tried attaching a hitch cargo carrier designed for 2 in. receivers, but the hitch pin would only pass through one of the hitch holes on my used 2015 Pilot EX-L. It turns out that there is a small metal bump on the inner diameter of the hitch hole (pictures attached). The hitch pin wouldn't...
  2. 2016-2022 Pilot
    Recently got Yakima Ridgeback bike rack installed on my 2019 Honda Pilot. I have a sloped driveway but not overly steep. At the tail end of the driveway when taking car up or down the bike rack protector scrapes the ground every time by roughly 2-4 mm (picture attached, it’s only what seems to...
  3. Accessories
    I recently had a trailer hitch installed with a aft cooler on my all wheel drive, ex-L, 2017 Pilot. When I got it home and checked it out I noticed that the hitch is only rated for 3,500 lbs? Was wondering why they would do this? was expecting a 5,000 lb hitch. Am I wrong?
  4. Towing
    I am interested in getting a trailer hitch. Should I go with the OEM parts or go to my local Uhaul and get their equipment/installation?
  5. 2012-2015 Pilot
    Hello, I’m purchasing a 2014 Honda Pilot ex-l 4wd and need to install an aftermarket trailer hitch (it didn’t come with one installed), but am having trouble finding one available. Can someone recommend one that will be compatible? Thank you!
  6. 2003-2008 Pilot
    Hi all, I went with 245/70 r17 tires when I upgraded recently on my 2003 Honda Pilot. Bought 5 and keep one under the chassis as a spare and it fit fine until I installed a hitch. I noticed the hitch mounts in the middle and then extends forward, towards the front of the car into the storage...
1-6 of 6 Results