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  1. more Pilot brake controller issues

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    I read the previous thread on recommendations for a brake controller that will work with my rig. I have 2019 Touring pilot AWD with dealer fitted hitch and transmission cooler. I will be towing an RV travel trailer but I am having huge problems getting a brake controller that works and getting...
  2. Hello & A few towing (& 1 roof rack) questions from a new '17 Touring owner... Take 2!

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Well, I somehow managed to remove my first attempt at this post. I think editing it made it disappear. Oops! I'm giving take 2 a try! ---------------- Hello Everyone, I'm excited to be a new Pilot owner & to have found this group! We picked up a '17 Touring this past Saturday. We already have...
  3. Towing with or without a weight distribution hitch?

    2009-2011 Pilot
    What is the consensus with weigh distribution hitches on a 2011 pilot. I know the manual says not to use one but the place I’m buying my camper from suggests one. Anyone have problems if they did use one? I am going to be pulling a Jayco hybrid camper that is 3400 lbs dry. Any insight on...
  4. What do you tow with your pilot?

    2016- Third generation Pilot
    Newbie here curious about what other Pilot owners are towing. We have a fourwinns h190rs, a relatively light bow rider. The trailer has both surge and electric brakes however ive never used the electric brakes because my older vehicles only had the 4 pin harness. The receiver hitch has a sticker...
  5. NIB OEM Honda Pilot two hitch

    I have a new in box OEM Honda tow hitch fir first gen Pilot. 100$ obo. Located in Columbus Ohio. Shipping at buyers expense.
  6. air lift or timberin

    Good morning everyone. Im looking to install helper springs in my 2011 pilot ex and would like some feedback on which of the two would be a better option, the airlift or timberin springs?