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timing belt

  1. About to do 1st T-Belt change

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Hey everybody! I'm about to do my first timing belt job and I wanted to have your opinion/experiences. I'm going to do the job in my parking lot. I'll use: this Gates T-Belt kit: Gates TCKWP329 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump, Timing Belt Kits - Amazon Canada this Lisle socket: Lisle...
  2. Timing belt Maintenance Minder #4?

    2009-2011 Pilot
    I bought a 2011 Honda Pilot ELX a year ago. One owner vehicle with 64000 miles on it. Then due to some health issues and now the virus I've only put another 3000 miles on it. The independent dealer I bought it from said they had recently changed the oil. The dash display now says the oil is at...
  3. I Need Diagnosis Help!

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Hey! I just joined the site because I recently came in ownership of my parents 2003 Honda Pilot EX-L. He has 218,000 miles on him and unfortunately has been sitting in my garage for THREE years. It hadn’t been started till recently when I decided I wanted to fix it up. I’m 16, and my parents put...
  4. Timing belt makes noise

    Good day. I have a 2006 Honda Pilot, very satisfied. The car has 213,000 miles and still runs perfectly, however I found some problem that I don’t know how to fix. When it got to 200,000 I changed the timing belt as I should have (including bearings and tensioner) and it started making noises...
  5. 2004 TBelt tensioner failed

    2003-2008 Pilot
    I installed a dayco timing belt, tensioner, water pump last fall. Had terrible knocking sound on passenger side and squeal. Squeal I think is the serpentine belt but the knocking is a bad timing belt tensioner, (took front belt cover off and it was loose. ). So I found this ...
  6. Honda Pilot engine noise/rattle?

    Hi everyone My 2008 Honda Pilot with 110,000 miles is making a strange noise from the engine. The mechanic couldn't diagnose the problem from the noise and said it would cost almost $800 to just tear down the engine to search for the problem. They seem to think that the problem is localized...
  7. Weird issues with transmission hard shifting and lack of power

    2003-2008 Pilot
    Please excuse the lengthy post. I want to provide as much info as possible to present and describe the problems. Wondering if anyone in the forum has experienced the following issues and/or may have resolutions / suggestions: Transmission seems to kick (hard shifting - practically all gears)...